Managed Services

Boxwalk Solutions team has been working on salesforce since 15 years and have deep knowledge of the platform and its features. Managed services is a comprehensive set of activities from implementation to support and evolution, aimed to prevent system issues before they impact users and Salesforce-supported operations. As a Salesforce managed services provider, Boxwalk solutions has the capability and knowledge to manage your system’s performance and features in a stable way.

Highlights about Boxwalk Solutions

  • 15 years in CRM development and support.
  • 13 years in application support.
  • Certified Salesforce Partner

Benefits of partnering with us:

Reliable Salesforce solutionReliable Salesforce solution, steadily evolving in accordance with your business needs. You can focus on your business goals, and we’ll ensure that your Salesforce CRM works properly to help you reach them all. We will keep your Salesforce performance efficient by preventing critical performance and security issues and see to its proper evolving in line with arising business needs and process changes.
Efficient cost managementEfficient cost management. We can ensure full coverage of your Salesforce needs, which spares you from having a big in-house Salesforce team.
Minimized management effortsMinimized management efforts. We efficiently process your business needs and turn them into concrete technical requirements, with minimal or no involvement of your managers. We leverage our project management experience to promptly deliver required system changes, minimizing the supervision and management efforts on your side.